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Here are the diversified services that I provide with henna and jagua art. Book your appointment to add a creative twist to your special day!


Bridal events are the most popular way of expression of henna art. Add a personalized touch with a variety of bridal packages!

Parties & Events

Henna is a fun way to create a twist to conventional birthday parties or any other event by giving the attendees something memorable to take with them!

Private Appointments

Henna is a fantastic way to adorn the body with ornate designs for any occasion. It is sure to turn the spotlight on you!

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About Me

Hi, I am Nikita Sankar

Hello! My name is Nikita Sankar and I am an LA/Bay Area based henna artist and enthusiast. I love all things henna! Everything from paste making to henna application is done by yours truly with infinite love, care, and passion. I found myself wandering through the world of art throughout my childhood, experimenting with one medium of art to another, which eventually led me to my true passion, henna. Ever since I picked up my first cone, I was not able to put it back down, hence the humble beginning of "Henna by Nyx”. Henna was something I had grown up around, and to be able to transform a passion into a business is something that helps keep my culture close to me.

As an artist, I love to push the boundaries of art, playing with the fine lines between traditional and contemporary designs. I like to think of my original pieces as having a fusion vibe, which accurately complements my upbringing as an Indian American. Over the years, I’ve grown as a henna artist, working at events, doing private appointments, working at festivals, being part of artist showcases, being published in blogs, and even teaching the upcoming generation about henna. I want to be able to spread my love for henna with you all, and I would love for you to check out my work!

Blog Posts

In my blog posts I share some of my experiences in practicing henna for the past few years and I also share the results of my creative experimentation.

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